What the Heck is Facebook Edgerank?

If you are reading this post there is a good chance you manage a Facebook page. Further, we can probably assume you are finding it very difficult to understand why your posts are not getting more interaction and why you are slow to pick up new “likes” to your page. Just like Google has a secret method (algorithm) to just exactly how your page ranks in search results, Facebook has recently implemented what has been coined EdgeRank. To make a long algorithm short, basically it is how your page ranks in your fans’ news feeds. The more interesting the post, or the more interaction your fans have with your post, the more likely it will rank higher in their news feeds and seen by friends of your fans.

Did you know that the majority of your fans probably never even see your post simply because no one has liked or commented on it. Facebook is a very tricky beast for business page admins because you have to find a way for your posts to constantly reach your fan base. That is why you have a page in the first place, am I right? So, how can you master the art of EdgeRank you ask? We have outlined 5 tips below that you will see an instant benefit from.

5 things to increase your Facebook EdgeRank

1. Add a photo or graphic with your post

Facebook sees this as much more worthy content than just words alone. Fans are much more likely to take notice of your post if there is something to visually stimulate them.

2. Ask your fans for “likes”

This can be done in various ways but the main goal is to keep it short. You could post a photo of the beach in the middle of winter and simply ask them if they wish they were laying on this right now. Or, post a photo of a product you offer and ask them what they would do with it if they had one. It is easier to get people to press like than to get a comment,but comments do hold a slight advantage in EdgeRank.

3. Ask for Captions

Post a funny photo and ask people to add captions. People enjoy telling a story and adding captions is their way of engaging that story.

4. Include your logo on your photos

Although this does not play directly into EdgeRank algorithm, it is a basic rule of marketing to keep your brand and name recognition in front of your audience. By having a logo, website, or company name on your content opens up potential new fans if your current fans share your posts or your posts show on their feed to their friends.

5. More post interaction = more fans

Just like that Youtube video you watched 10 times that went viral, your Facebook pages can go viral as well. We recently added 400 new fans to a client’s page from a single post. We were able to make the post so interesting to their fans that 1000 of their 3000 fans commented or liked which in turn opened up that post to 25,000 views of their friends. When more people interact with your post, the more likely it is that their friends will see that interaction and get involved in the process.

Are you having a tough time building your business page? We manage dozens of Facebook pages for clients and know what does and doesn’t work. Perhaps we can help you and would appreciate talking with you about it. Contact us today if you are ready to get creative with us.

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