• Branding

    You know you have seen it…that place that has a good product or service with a very sketchy logo; a hodge podge of a mess that makes your head spin and doesn’t last longer than 6 months. One of those “What were they thinking?!?!?” moments. You could have a great idea, service, or product but without creating that unique brand experience it is all-for-not. Here at Hobart Design Group, a lot of the work we do involves helping businesses create strong brands. Whether we are creating an identity for a new company or broadening the scope of an existing one, we strive to create that “wow” experience that resonates long term.

    Graphic design plays a pivotal role in defining corporate images, enhancing customer experiences and evoking emotional reactions towards products and services. Your brand should be an experience for your audience that holds its value across all media from your logo design to printing, ads, commercials, website, social media, and the spectrum of other touchpoints that engage your potential and current customers.

  • Photography & Video

    If you are looking for someone to take some cute photos of your kids or a video of your big wedding day…sorry, you landed here by accident. While we LOVE looking at those types of things, we stick to what we are best at…what your business needs to make money.

    Here is a little taste of what we excel in for video services:

    Realistic Special Effects
    Television Commercials
    Product Educational Videos
    Sales Presentation Videos
    Online Marketing Videos
    Real Estate Tour & Sales Videos
    Vacation Rental & Resort Tour Videos

    We shoot product photography for advertising, corporate and editorial

    Food and Product Photography
    Stock Images
    Executive Portraits
    Lifestyle shots for catalogs, magazines, blogs, and websites
    Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Website Design

    Websites that are extremely functional and graphically appealing…that’s what we do. Do you need a website that is responsive, that will run on any device whether desktop or mobile? With a majority of web users surfing on mobile, it is critical you evolve with your customers. We can build a beautifully simple website that looks just as good on a cell phone as it does on a 24″ monitor. We build content management sites that you can control as easily as a Word document.

    Need a Mobile App that kicks a tad bit of butt? Yep, we do that too. It’s like a little customer service and sales rep traveling in your customer’s pocket all day everyday.

    We have literally built over a thousand websites and have been doing it since Mark Zuckerberg was in Junior High so we are worth billions, right? Huh, um.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Tweets, Likes, Shares, Lions, Tigers, and Bears. It’s a crazy jungle out there in Social Media land but when you have someone that can guide you through it you can conquer the world. A world where going viral is a good thing and the only tissues you’ll need are for the tears of joy.

    We build and manage your social world for instant engagement and higher customer satisfaction. Social Media is one of the most rapidly growing business-to-customer interaction platforms and you need someone who can manage the face of your company in a quick and creative way. We will even supply the tissues (branded with your logo, of course).