Once upon a time there was this grumpy old ogre who had a love, more like a passion, for great looking stuff.  As his love grew, this mean persona was shed and a peaceful big loveable beast was born.  He shared his love of great design with the world and the world became a more beautiful place to do business.

Ok, so there was never an ogre but there is a big lovable beast who likes to design great stuff and make your business more successful by creating amazing brand experiences.  Rodney, the beast, paid his way through college by designing websites in the mid 1990’s while living in a swamp of an apartment and surviving on macaroni that probably taste worse than green squishy bugs.

After college, he went on to work for The Muffin Man creating marketing collateral for retail products found in Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and many other well known retail stores.  In 2003, Hobart Design Group was formed in Joplin, MO and a crazy fairy tail ensued.