3 Things You Should Get From Your Website Designer

When it comes to your business you need a website that works as your sales rep, your customer service agent, and your virtual storefront. Our goal going into a web project for our clients in Joplin, MO and NW Arkansas is to provide a beautifully simple website that functions as all of the above. Most people who approach us for a website are not quite sure what they need but are well aware that they need an online presence. We have put together 3 main things you should get from your website designer whether it be us or someone else.

Make it Simple

This doesn’t mean supply basic information and a couple photos. It means make the website easy to navigate for your customers to find what they need and provide all the information in a visibly pleasing way. Make sure the information is structurally organized and well written. Make the menu system 6-7 main items at most but utilize drop down menus when the need arises.

Make it Beautiful

Every website needs a personality that can be conveyed through a great color scheme, professional photography or stock images, and simple illustrations and graphics. Space the layout for the eyes to flow from one item to the next without clutter.

Make it Unique

Think outside the box and don’t make a cookie cutter website. Your website should be different and memorable so your visitors stay longer, learn more, and visit often. This can be done in a variety of ways and is dependent on the type of business you have and type of clients you serve.

No matter who you choose to design your website, make sure they sit down, listen, understand, and offer creative solutions to fulfill your needs. If you are looking for a website designer in the Joplin, MO or NW Arkansas area we would love to learn about your business and suggest some creative options. Give us a call or sent us a note on Facebook to learn how we can help drive more business your way with an awesome website.

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